Monday, April 30, 2018


Now a days everyone using PC/LAPTOP/COMPUTER even small kids using it.But,the question is whether we are using it in right or safety way.For that purpose only i started this post to ensure our safety to keep our computer at safety and what not to do to maintain this safety.Please read it fully and keep it in mind. 

Computer safety tips and rules:

1.Always checking log out option when use any public computer.
2.Always backup your important data and files. Backup’s save unexpected damaged.
3.Select strong password with letters, numbers,and special symbol for safety your computer.
4.Use registered branded Antivirus.
5.Use security e-mail address and avoid any unknown voluntary emails.
6.Avoid any remote panel  connecting.
7.Keep update your usual software and security patch.
8.Protect complex data for hard disk.
9.Install protective Software.
10.If meet any Message ready carefully that what is the situation.
11.Install registered anti-virus and scans regularly.

Don’t do this :

1.Don’t click password remain option when login in PC.
2.Don’t use any sharing software in computer.
3.Avoid clicking browser pop-up option.
4.Don’t control permission your computer any unsafe area.
5.Don’t click any free or eye catching image
6.Never open email or online banking account from any unknown device.
7.Don’t share any personal information or data like as name, home address, email address.
8.Don’t check your online banking.
9.Never open unknown email attachment file.
10.Don’t choose any common login password
11.Don’t share your account password for any reason.
12.Never break government law rules.
13.Don’t install unnecessary software.

Guys,now a days technology updated daily with new improvement but however there is some disadvantages causing if we are alert we can easily overcome that.

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